Friday, April 18, 2008

St. Joseph School

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Cacique said...

To All Involved,
It’s with extremely sad disappointment that my family receives news of the impending dismissal of Sr. Deborah Lopez as Principal of Saint Joseph School.

We remember 3 years ago when faced with the choice of enrolling our then 3 year old daughter in Saint James or Saint Joseph; it was Sr. Deborah’s commitment to safety, discipline, and academic achievement that made Saint Joseph the clear and only choice for us.

Through out the three years of enrollment in Saint Joseph, our daughter has developed a tremendous sense of respect and appreciation for Sr. Deborah. But more importantly, we like Sr. Deborah ’s strong and even handed approach to educating and caring.

We are certain our sentiments are in line with those of the remaining the student body and their parents.

When compared to the rambunctious environment we encountered in Saint James, with its students run amok through out the school; Sr. Deborah is a clear asset to Saint Joseph which brings peace to our minds. At the start and at the end of every school day, her ever so watchful presence is there meeting and greeting parents. This is something we do not want to lose.

So in closing, it is our hope you reconsider, what appears to be, the eminent dismissal and replacement of Sr. Deborah Lopez and her staff.


A concerned parent

Cacique said...

To All Involved,

As the days go by, in what’s quickly becoming a gross exercise in unfairness and inconsideration, I’m getting all sorts of puzzling and fundamentally incoherent reasons that seemingly justify the change in leadership in Saint Joseph.

I’d like to get a response on the following issues:

Sr. Deborah Lopez has been at the helm of Saint Joseph for a considerable period of time. Since her tenure, Saint Joseph has operated more efficiently than to Saint James, both academically and financially. If this is so, why then remove a seemingly successful administrator from, at the very least, overseeing the merge of the two schools?

Saint James has negotiated a few concessions from Saint Joseph which include longer school hours and lower tuition - exclusive to Saint James’ students. Of course this means the existing children of Saint Joseph will be short changed and, in a sense, subsidize those of Saint James. Why is Saint Joseph adopting the failed policies of Saint James? Policies that, as my understanding on the matter is, caused the predicament they’re in?

In this day and age where The Catholic Church as a whole is being rocked with all sorts of charges, accusations, and scandals, some too disturbing to discuss within the context of our issue; how could Saint Joseph allow the accusations of racism levied against Sr. Deborah Lopez by a group of parents not affiliated with Saint Joseph go unchallenged or unanswered? Have these parents ever interacted with Sr. Lopez?

Ironically, it seems that the administrating body of Saint Joseph, in an effort to appease and cater to an incoming student body, has turned its back on the wishes of the academically thriving, multi-cultural student body fostered by Sr. Debora Lopez and her entire staff.

This is not boding well for the administrators of Saint Joseph who seem to be ignoring basic economics, the basics for successful academics, and the basics of caring for their students.

Once again, I appeal to your common sense and please keep Sr. Deborah Lopez and her staff firmly in place at Saint Joseph.
Yours Truly,

A concerned parent